Weekly round-up – Lele

Isn’t it great when you go back to certain anime or manga and find something more to love? We had that this week with our feature on pacifism in shonen. Turns out there’s a lot more to be admired in certain protagonists than we thought at first, and that’s saying something. Alright, we’ll stop teasing you now and let you get on with reading the top posts from us and the wider fandom this week.


We’re sorry to begin with news that the passing of Yuji Yamaguchi has been announced by Studio DEEN.

If you couldn’t face another session of sobbing through Your Lie in April, you’d best get ready for director Kyohei Ishiguro’s new anime film.

The fast-paced poetic card game now has an official Chihayafuru Fund, initiated by Yuki Suetsugu.

In the spotlight

In a media market where heroics make big bucks, who is brave enough to stand for peace?

Your posts

Friends, you’re still going strong this year as far as blogging is concerned. Will this brilliance streak never end? Just kidding. We know it won’t.

Right, before we go anywhere else, let’s highlight Fred’s piece on the sexualisation of minors (particularly girls) in anime. This is a difficult topic to broach, but this piece manages it succinctly, giving pause to reflect on how nude scenes can, and should, be done with respect.

Irina has done it again – she’s become our regular go-to otaku for blogging tips, and this piece on past content flubs has given us some serious food for thought. We want to experiment more with what we put out there, and we do admire Irina’s fluffy-with-substance style.

Speaking of fluff, let’s balance out the weight of our first featured piece with some fun. We love stuff like this Put a Tune to It challenge, and The Traditional Catholic Weeb did a frankly brilliant job putting western soundtracks to Umaru-chan, Evangelion and pretty much every shonen ever. Also, challenge accepted! I will be back with my response to this tag.

Well, now we’ve been enlightened, inspired and had our funny bones tickled, we can’t think of a better way to start the weekend. We hope yours brings you happiness. See you again next week!